US West Coast (CA) New Server! Get in early.

Hello everyone,

I would like to invite anyone who is looking for a server with active admins and a fun gaming environment. We also have events to spice up the game play!

Console (F1): net.connect
Name: [SYN] West Rust++ Door Share/PvP/Sleepers/25% Craft
Location: Los Angeles, California
Slots: 100
PVP: Yes
Sleepers: Yes
Admin: Yes
TeamSpeak: Yes (Join server for info)

Beat the mad rush for resources and join the server early. The server was created on 19 December and is ready to see some action. We hope to see massive battles in the upcoming weeks.

Air drops are set to drop at a minimum of 25 people on the server.

Update on server restart time: 6 AM PST, daily.

Starting to see some new faces. Keep them coming.

To the top!

We reset the server lastnight to remove the admin built structure. The server is and will remain influence free from ADMIN. The initial concept was to give players an objective to go after, but we have since realized players just want to build, defend what they build, and kill and take other players stuff. So that’s what we are doing from this point forward.

The only changes are: 1/4 craft time and 10 person minimum Air drops. All else is set to default. PVP/sleepers on.


Nice server man, Im glad I found it.

I had been playing on your server but now its not showing up in my history and when I try to net.connect it says Incompatible Versions

The server has just been wiped and mods fully updated. Get in now so you can be ready for action on the weekend.


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Great server. Great admins. Recommend it!


Come on guys get on and building ahead of the weekend.

server down? Can’t connect…

no its up, keep trying. ill check the net connect

Edit 1: actually net connect is wrong ill get the correct one gimme sec.

Edit 2: net.connect

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Great Server Great community and Great staff and lots of fun net.connect is the ip

We will update the original post when the owner is one later. However, here is the correct info net.connect

Apparently my server provider changed my IP recently. I just updated the original post but here is the IP.