US West Coast Servers Down?

I have been trying to play on the US West Coast II server for a while, but it isn’t available, does anyone know what is going on with it?

It’s almost been 24 hours since the server was fucked. I don’t know why no one is talking about it while all the other server seems stable

I am waiting on my favorite West Coast PVE FTW !!!

Serious question. How do you find any fun at all in PvE?

I saw some people roleplaying on one. It was kind of cool to watch tbh.

West Coast PVE??? is it coming back online ?

I play PVE mainly to get some practice/ Experience in the game (Building,Killing,Crafting Etc…) To get ready for the Pvp one’s Also its a laid back environment with little stress and its still fun when you can Raid an loot houses , You don’t always have to Kill someone to be fun.

And PvE is great for people who lag (Me T.T). Waiting for it to be on steam!! <3
Also, yes I do play a lot of pvp, and even when I do get a nice base and a bunch of stuff, hackers just take it all away so… They need better anti-cheat<3

Because I can’t stand being hammered to death by naked players when I just barely spawned. it’s much more fun when you can actually progress without being DayZ’d.