[US West] Dedicated\PVP\Sleepers\Newb Friendly - WIPE 4-5


Hey Everyone! We’re running a 75 slot server on the west coast and we have a good amount of fun :slight_smile:

-Only thing modded is reduced durability
-Good balance of nice folks and assholes
-About 30-40 people on at peak times and 20-25 during the day
-Active mature admins (we only have 3 but we’re around all the time and we are in our 30’s with kids)
-As the main admin I promote people adding me on steam to alert me of hackers. I use steam mobile so I’m available almost all the time and have no problem banning from my phone if the entire server blows up my steam account.
-To the above point, zero admin abuse (that shit is worse than hacking)
-Server is in California
-We do arenas and hunger games (admin run) and do awards for the winners from time to time for fun
-Air drops at 20+ as well as random ones sent via admins during lower pop times


Please feel free to stop on by and take a look!


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Bumping this for my daily shameless plug!

looks cool might try it out tonight

We’re hitting cap at night now because of these posts! Come check us out! If it keeps it up I’ll raise the cap to 100, but it won’t go past that. I don’t want lag issues during peak times haha

This will be my last plug for a while :slight_smile: We’ve been hitting cap for about a week now during the nights so the server can’t take much more haha! But hey, we’re having a ton of fun and the admins are super active so give it a shot before it fills up!

Giving this a bump before the weekend…should be some crazy fun! We’ll be at/near cap and even with 75 people we never get a whole lot of lag (like some servers) =)

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