What is EXILE?

EXILE is a new, long-term, dedicated Rust Server. 100 Slot US West.

***At EXILE the focus is on player vs player conflicts with raiding as an “endgame” objective.

We believe that gaining access to someone’s property (through raiding) should be a task that takes some effort, and feels much more rewarding as a result of that added effort. Explosive Charges are rare on EXILE, and raw Explosive gel is unable to be obtained.***

The server is located in Seattle, WA.

This server is powered by RUST++ v1.5.1.

Connection Info

Press F1 to bring up the console at the main menu, and then enter the command:


Server Features

  • 100 Slot Server.
  • InstaCraft.
  • Private Messaging.
  • Door Sharing.
  • Player vs Player is ON.
  • Sleepers are ON.
  • Arena (Melee combat and other events).
  • Rare C4.
  • Join/Leave Announcements.
  • Kill Announcements (Player who got the kill, player who was killed, and which weapon was used to achieve the kill).
  • Starter Kits (2 Hour Cooldown. Kit contains: 1x Hatchet, 1x Sleeping Bag, 5x Chicken, 1x Revolver and 7x 9mm Ammo).
  • Structure Removal.
  • NO Admin Abuse.
  • NO Latency Issues.

Cheating Policy

We have a zero tolerance policy for hacking or cheating of any kind. Suspected cheaters will be dealt with accordingly.

Server Rules

EXILE has a simple set of guidelines that players are expected to follow. These rules can also be viewed ingame by typing /rules.

1 - Do not request items from administrators.

2 - Cheating or exploiting of any kind will not be tolerated.

3 - Do not spam the chat channel. Trash talk is permitted.

4 - Be respectful to the owner and administrators.

5 - PVP is strongly encouraged here. Any dispute between players
that can be dealt with through PVP is up to you to resolve on
your own. Staff will only involve themselves in situations that
are related to cheating or exploiting.

Additional Notes

Admins are available in the evenings on weekdays and all day on weekends. All admins function the same as any regular player, with only the added ability to moderate the server if/when required.

Check us out and start building your empire, meet some friends or make some enemies.

The island is yours to conquer.

**Hello Exile, my friends and I will be joining your server soon.

There will be about 3 of us, and we hope to bring more, see you soon!**

Excellent :slight_smile:

We should have people trickling in throughout the day, I’m doing as much advertising as possible to try and get our name out there.

Any assistance in helping get people onto the server is always appreciated.

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/bump bump


Come check us out ladies and gentlemen, you’ve got nothing to lose! All the prime real estate is just waiting to be snatched up.

/evening bump

Couple more new faces today, about 10 on now at peak. Check us out!

[editline]1st February 2014[/editline]

Had to take the server down for a few moments to fix RUST++, it got disabled somehow.

Everything is back up now. Zero tolerance for hackers here, with solid administration that are experienced at dealing with and combating the issue.

Lots of space to build, get at it!