US WEST - Fresh Server, seeking admins and people who would like to be part of a community.

Hey guys, I just started a community and server! Very excited. “The Rust Nest” Is a new community seeking 2 more reliable admins! There will be an interview process. May sound lame, but my goal here is to provide a server with excellent administration. I’m seeking those who are involved in rust and would enjoy hosting a server with me! We strive to be the most honest and fair server that you will experience. My cousin and I started the community with the goal of integrity. And we started fresh in the server just like everyone else will start when they join! We run RUST++ and have door sharing / sleeping / pvp /
please message me on steam if you’re interested! Otherwise just play and enjoy our server! From F1 console net.connect

[US WEST] The Rust Nest - DoorShare/Active Admins/PVP/Fresh wipe

Try it out

just got up to 6 players within first few hours of launch! Come check out the server and add me to steam!