[US-West] FunServers.net - Door Share / Groups / Economy / PMs / Kits/ PvP / Sleepers - NOOB FRIENDLY

Hey Everyone,

I’ve had my server up for about a week, but I’ve got it configured to the way that I like it. I will be posting a little more info about www.funservers.net sometime in the next few days. Currently working on the website, but it should be pretty cool. Many of you may not be interested in that, but you will be interested in our server. We have plans to get servers across the US for those of you in US East who may want to experience a better ping. In that case, we’ll be looking at character ports (We’ll pretty much just give you all of the items you have currently on those servers).

Also, I’ll be on for awhile and you can get a pretty nice starter kit with “/kit starter” in chat. Limited ammunition though!

Anyway here’s the server:

I’ll also use this topic as the official support topic for this server for the time being. If you have any complaints or suggestions for the server post here or send me a PM. If you need any help also use this topic.

See you in game!




We’re a small community start up looking to offer fun and friendly servers to be played on. We know fun. We also know that if you aren’t having fun, then we’re not doing our job. So come play with us and learn what its like to really enjoy playing on a game server.

**We’re always running the latest Oxide mod and plugins. **
• Fun, Friendly, and ACTIVE.
• Sleepers
• Anti-Decay
• Half Craft (0.5)
• Starter Kits (/kit “starter”)
• Chat History (/history)
• List Players (/list)
• Ping (/ping)
• Stats (/stats /ranking)
• Private Messaging (/pm)
• Groups (/gcreate /ginvite /gaccept /g “message”)
• Door Sharing (/share)
• Friends (/friend)
• Economy (/money /price /buy /sell)
• Bounty (/bounty)
• Location Coordinates (/location)
• Home Teleport (/sethome /home)
• Admin Help (/adminhelp)
• …custom plugins currently in development!

Join us on Teamspeak! ts.funservers.net
We’re offering VIP subscriptions and economy packages available on our website: www.funservers.net
We’re hosting this server in Los Angeles, CA (US).


As always, if you have any issues with our server or have any questions, please let me know!