[US West] Low Ping, Fair Active Admins. Oxmin, solid player base!

Our server is a few days old and has an active player base of about 40-90 during peak times, but we have 200 slots! We’re looking for more!
Bring your friends start a friendly village or a raiders camp!
Admins stay out of the way and only moderate when necessary (IE: Hackers/Spammers…etc)
PvP is VERY active on our server and we all want more.
This is a hardcore rust experience we don’t hand out too much, you have to earn it.

Very low ping server that runs smooth as butter!

Current Kits: Starter(1 Time use):2 Pieces of Cooked Chicken Breast, 1 Sleeping Bag, Stone Hatchet, Wood Door.
Respawn(Multi-use): Stone Hatchet.

-200 Slots -Oxide Mod -Sleepers Enabled -PVP Enabled -Door Sharing -Airdrops -Custom Groups -Private Messaging -Friendly Admins

-1/4 Craft -Custom Loot Tables

Admins Rules:
NO Hacking NO Cheating NO Racism NO Spamming

How To Join:
Hit F1 to open Console || Copy and Paste “net.connect” into Console || Hit Enter and Enjoy

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We also have forms up and running!