US West New PVP Rust++ Server 1/4 Craft Aggressive Play

I have a fresh rust server Zoidberg PVP, SLP, 1/4 Craft, Share Doors, Rust ++. We have active mature admins and no abuse. Airdrops are set to 15 players on and explosives only come from airdrops. Press F1 in game and copy and paste net.connect

Joined this server, love it so far. Admins are fair, good people. Recommend for sure!

What is the general consensus for amount of people to spawn air drops?

Server was fully wiped at 3:20 pm pst today 1/21/2014

Joined today…Great guys a growing population, good PVP too.

Great server, great people. Decent population, and very welcoming to newcomers. Highly recommended!