[Us West] New Server Opening Up.

Superior Genetics [SG] 50 Person Server!

Wiped on 2/21/14

What our server has to offer:

  • PVP.
  • Sleepers.
  • Airdrops, dropping with only 1 person online.
  • Rust++.
  • Door Sharing.
  • Active Admin.
  • Admins DO NOT have god mode.
  • Solid Community
  • Starter Kit

If any of these things listed above sound good to you, please don’t hesitate to stop on by! Server peaks at roughly 18:00 PST (6 P.M.) until about 23:00 PST (11 P.M.)

Connection Info:


Looks good, gonna hop on regularly.

Sounds good, glad to have you join the community!

Recently wiped and updated!

I’ll be on soon