US West-PvP/Sleepers/Oxide::Active Admins-Wiped 2/1/2014

Server based out of Chicago, coming to all experienced Rust players and clans/groups around,
I bring you a new 100 slot server with Oxide mod and many Plug-ins, including: Auto-Starter Kits, Custom Day and Night Lengths (half hours total day/night cycle), Death Messages in chat for PvP, Game Time, Groups 1.3, and a Poll System.
Tired of being abused or banned from servers by corrupt admins that get butt-hurt when you kill them? Look no further, this server is for you!
So come, hop on my unique server and invite your friends to make a fun, PvP full server and community!
US West-PvP/Sleepers/Oxide::Active Admins-Wiped 2/1/2014

I am always open to suggestions too!

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I forgot to mention, we have a small base currently, about 10 active people, but we really need more as i want it to be a PvP server.

This server is cool!

Ya, we need more people though…