[US West] Rust Fanatics - Oxide | Active Admins | PvP | Door Sharing | Airdrops | .5 Craft


Join our RUST server: [US] Rust Fanatics - Oxide | Active Admins | PvP | Door Share | Airdrops @ 20 | No Craft C4 | 1/2 Craft | Tiered Loot System | ACTIVE ADMINS

Fresh Wiped 3/7/14
Connect to the server:
To join, you can open your console on the menu by pressing ‘F1’ and typing or pasting in:

Vent Server Info:
IP: rustyfans.nationvoice.com
Port: 3797
no password

Server Features:
-128 Slot Server
-2 Dedicated Cores
-4GB Ram
-DDoS Protection
-50% Reduced Crafting Time
-Modified Drop Tables for Airdrops (airdrops @ 20 people)
-Tiered Loot System with 3 Tiers of Progression
-Starter kit
-Door sharing
-Private Messaging
-Player List
-Chat History
-Vote with rewards
-Death Messages
-Admin List
-Admin Remove
-Mature and active admins
-Zero Admin abuse
-Come be apart of the community and just have fun!

Server Rules:
-No hacking/cheating or using exploits of any kind. You will be caught and punished swiftly. [Bannable Offense]
-Steam profile must be set to public or accept admin friend request if you get one.
-No special or weird character in names.
-No spawn camping noobs.
-No hardcore griefing or camping players and their bases.
-No racial slurs, or excessive vulgar trash talking.
-No impersonating other players.
-No impersonating admins. [Bannable Offense]
-No buildings taller than 10 floors.

-No placing barricades on pillars. [Bannable Offense]
ex. http://imgur.com/WdyJZg2
-No unraidable bases, the floating ones that you suicide to get back into.
ex. http://imgur.com/0iV8hRz
-No bases built onto the cost of the ocean, or in it. They will be removed.
ex. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQzcwDFL0hg#t=108

Steam Group Info:
Search for steam group Rust Fanatics

or use following url


Great server +1

Bump come join our community, server was just wiped so now is your chance to get ahead.

BUMP! Come join us!

Good Morning Bump!



Bump, Pokket is streaming tonight and will be playing on this server, come join us!

Bump, Pokket is streaming right now! Come join us.

Wow server filling up quick

Bump, server has a nice population now

Bump, come join our server, we just started last night.

Come and join; the more people, the better!

awesome community on this server, i’d highly recommend it for anyone!

Been on here just a day or so now and really enjoying the server, good community.

Server wiped due to update, come join us and start on this server! Currently 29 people online.

just broke 30 steady people!

Awesome server admins are swell.

You are quite incorrect. None of the admins abuse there power, it is not tolerated. The people running around with guns are a group of 3-5 people who were on right after the wipe happened. They then farmed the radiation towns and got guns and ammo that way. I’m sorry if you had a bad experience and died a lot to them or anyone else. You can ask Mariista, she kept getting killed by them over and over, so I finally tp’d her to a safe spot, escorted her to her base, gave her a door, then left. So please don’t talk trash if you are not skilled at this game, and getting killed by skilled players.

As far as metal bases go, when the server was wiped, we had to test out wood and metal bases to see if we could destroy the walls, because before the wipe we couldn’t. Once the removal tool is updated, we are removing those empty metal bases the admins used for testing.

Apparently I am doing something right if we are maintaining 30 players. I do my best to maintain a fair playing environment, and looking for ways to make it more enjoyable for the players. Thanks and have a good day, hope you find a server you like.

Good server with active and friendly admins. Good variety of solo players and organized groups.