[US WEST] Rust.WeWinEveryday.com:28115 - Money, Tribes, Rare Guns/C4, Events & Radio Station + Mumble!

Welcome to The Official Win Everyday 200-Slot Rust Server!

The [WE] Community server is a fresh server with a low population!
WE have an official website: www.WeWinEveryday.com Here you will find a forum section for Rust as well as server info, feedback on our admin events, and a list of Tribes looking for new members.

[WE] Server Rules are Linked HERE and are enforced regularly by the [WE] Community.

The Admins we have are [WE] VIP members, which are the people who actively support our community.
The Community Founders are; Kore (Joykiller), Lokar (gibs0ns), and Kambris (Banana Bagel).

We are a Semi-friendly, pro-PvP Server that promotes fair and hack-free gameplay!
We will always take donations! The donate section is located on our website on the right hand side of the website listed in the sidebar. This is used to keep the server alive and to help the overall [WE] Community afford event prizes and web upkeep.

We have an unlimited slot Mumble server which we privately host. We are always online and active. Guests are permitted only in the Public Access channels within Mumble. Exceedingly obnoxious or problematic guests are likely to receive an automatic perma ban.
IP: Mumble.WeWinEveryday.com
Port: 8008

To connect to our server you can press F1 and type: net.connect Rust.WeWinEveryday.com:28115
[WE] Hopes to establish a great player base within Rust. We promote an “open” play style wherein there are very few rules or boundaries as long as one is not abusive or in conflict with our community rules or Rust’s EULA/TOS.

Events - Prizes & The [WE] Radio Station
We host many different nightly events in-game and reward players with prizes such as military-grade weaponry (which is otherwise very difficult to come by, even via airdrop) and in-game cash which may be spent at a virtual shop for different items such as construction materials, weapons, armor, and even some very expensive supply signals. We will also be giving away real-world prizes such as gifted games on Steam, cash prizes, and more for all community members who join us in Rust and stick around!

[WE] has also set up a Radio station for all to enjoy. We will be streaming music via autodj. The occasional living-and-breathing DJ will log on and play his/her music and take requests. If you wish to learn more visit: http://wewineveryday.com/.

Current events:
Event: Hunger Games (FFA PvP 1 Winner)
Event: Maze (4v4 PvP maze with multiple floors, traps, and weapon containers)
Event: Team Deathmatch (Friendly Fire can be toggled to make this possible)
Event: Admins vs. The World (The admins gear up in kevlar and military-grade weapons and try to survive as long as they can against the entire server; whoever kills any of the admins will of course be able to loot their bodies)
Event: [WE] Are Smarter Than a 5th Grader (Quiz game)

We hand out in-game currency to the winners of these events.

If you are interested in joining our community to be into win please visit: www.WeWinEveryday.com or come join us in Mumble!

Mods and changes:
Here are our server forums: http://wewineveryday.com/home/forums/server-rust.67/

MOD: Door Sharing
MOD: Administration
MOD: Group chat system
MOD: Tribe “Guild/Clan” system
MOD: Base Alarm
MOD: Friendly Fire Toggle (within a tribe)
MOD: All structures removable, even metal foundations/pillars
MOD: Cash shop (In-game currency)
MOD: Teleport binds (Hearthstone)
MOD: Bounty system
MOD: Kill feed
MOD: Stats & rankings
MOD: Starter Kits (type “/kit starter” on your first log-in to our server)
MOD: Crafting speed 50%
MOD: Military-grade weapons are airdrop-only with a significantly reduced drop rate percentage from those airdrops; military-grade weapons are also non-craftable (except grenades and C4)
Sleepers: On
PvP: On

Here’s a video showcasing one of our Hunger Games events:

Awesome server!

Hunger Games Event #1

Postin in da fred.

Hunger Games Event #2


Hunger Games Event #3

Hunger Games starting soon!

Hunger Games Event #4

Zoopity bip bap bump

Bill Cosby approves


a new day a new server!

come check us out!

check out our new mods!

Welcome new people!

is money awarded per time or do you have to kill for it?

You can earn money from killing zombies and vicious animals as well as killing players and winning events.

Killing Animals
Zombie $5
Bear $5
Wolf $5

Killing Player
50% of their total $ (the victim also loses another 10% to the void)

Events (Prices my vary)
Hunger Games $10k

And to give you an idea on how much stuff coast a bolt action is $5k and a supply signal is $10k

Hope you enjoy the server!

Bummer. Looking for a server that awards money based on time connected and not having to kill things. Rustcloud did this till it went down.

Well Like I said we do a lot of events, most of them at random times. So if you’re online during an event you will be rewarded for your time :smiley:

(Not all events are pvp, we have events like Quizzes and Mazes also)