[US]West RustCrossroads.com | Noob Friendly | PvP | C4 and Advanced Weapons Uncraftable

Hey there gang,

The server for RustCrossroads.com is up and ready. We consider ourselves to be a noob friendly PvP server. This means “you gon die”, but there are helpful people on the server too. We’re working to build a lasting community around the server and website. Drop by the website(rustcrossroads.com) and introduce yourself.


Server Wiped on 2/28

Server Features
Pvp Server w/ Sleepers
1/4 Durability Loss
1/2 Craft
Oxide Mods
Limited C4
Limited Military Weapons
Removal Tool

We’re going for a friendly, but competitive server. No griefing. No cheating. The server is hosted on Multiplay based in Seattle.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.


Pretty awesome first day. Around 30 people on at once during the peak tonight. Everyone having a good time I think. I love it right after a wipe. Every little thing makes a difference. Anyway see you tomorrow gang.


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