US West Tortoise [PVP / Community Decides!] Anything we vote on!

IP is

Steam Account is: Ademro

Hello my name is Kyle :slight_smile: I started my own server hoping to find 30 people right away on my servers. Sadly it’s been 4 almost constantly because those are my friends lol. This server is going to have a ton of mini-games and events with prizes. But the most important part of our server is going to be community voting. Whether we have door share, insta crafting, airdrops, and all sorts of plug-ins and items is all up to the server decide together. The only thing that is staying is PvP to keep the suspense going.

I will tell you one game style that we are going to do, but the rest of the cool game styles will stay a secret for now. We are going to do a class based arena battle. We will have the fighter class that uses Kevlar and pickaxe, we will have the long range class with the BAR and light armor, and among a lot of other classes we will have one class that is nothing but hatchet and cloth armor (for people who really think they are the true badasses) that get extra prizes for winning.

Come help me get this server together :slight_smile: I am on everynight for a long time, and sometimes through the day (I have a son that I have to take care of).

My server IP is And just in case some people don’t know you press ‘F1’ in the main menu and type net.connect then press enter and you will be brought straight to my server. Sorry if I am not on at the moment, like I said I have my son, but feel free to message me on my steam profile which is Ademro And I will get back to you right away. I am always on my steam account.