[US/West] TrueHardCore - Modded Progression, Heavily Custom Loot/Spawn, PVP, Sleeper, ActiveAdmin - Only the Most Hardcore!

TrueHardCore Rust Server - http://truehardcore.yzi.me/
Active Playerbase! Help us max out!

Press F1 inside Rust to open console
Type in: net.connect
To reconnect use the history tab



The world has ended and mankind has fallen into chaos. The few remaining relics of the past world survive in the ruins of old towns and only the most bloodthirsty or insane dare to compete for them or to hunt the irradiated monstrosities that dwell there. The sane stay away and live more humble lives, living off the land and the crude tools they can manage to build with their bare hands.

We want a server driven by conflict over limited resources where it is nearly impossible to obtain an unlimited amount of advanced gear and the loss of advanced gear will not be easily replaced. We want to create a feel of a true post-apocalyptic survivalist world where one can take great risk to obtain the best items or choose to live in a more humble fashion away from the hotspots. Towns and NPCs (formerly zombies, and now red animals) should be hotspots of competition for rarer resources, as should airdrops. All tiers of equipment should have a place in the overall balance. Most combat should occur with handmade weapons and bows due to ammo availability limits. Raiding should be the most attractive way to obtain advanced gear and those with advanced gear should consider lower tier players a real threat. Top tier weapons and ammo should be saved for defense and high value raids. Wars of attrition should be possible to dethrone the most powerful factions if enough players choose to oppose them. Veterans should not have a significant advantage over new players through blueprint accumulation.


Our goal is to establish a mature server that encourages pvp and fierce competition for resources. We are not aiming to build a community of griefers. If you enjoy good competition and know the difference between a fierce clan war versus getting a laugh out of ruining someone’s day, then you are the type of PVPer we want. If this seems like an arbitrary distinction to you, then you just don’t get it. Generally we intend for raiding rules to favor the defender, since the current game mechanics heavily favor the raider. This will be adjusted for balance as the game develops.

  1. No house griefing unless you are taking control of a structure. To claim a structure you MUST remove all doors BEFORE placing your own doors to claim the structure. House griefing is defined as any activity or building designed to trap people in their own building or deny them access to their own building. This also applies during raids.
  2. Defensive building of any sort IS permitted during raids.
  3. Offensive building is only permitted when designed to gain access for C4 placement. Any other form of offensive building on another’s structure is considered house griefing.
  4. No perfectly unraidable structures/suicide entry/etc. Losing rare loot to raiding must be a risk. Violating structures will either be removed or an admin will assist in modification if appropriate.
  5. No spamming/hacking/cheating, etc.
  6. No slurs, harassment, hounding players unneccessarily or inappropriately, or other obnoxious or excessive public chat. Mature players should understand the difference between taunting/feuding and inappropriate harassment. General profanity is permitted.
  7. If a source of resources is discovered that seems inconsistent with the server vision - report immediately to an admin without sharing to other players. If the source is exploited items or structures may be removed.

We CAN determine who placed a building piece to identify people breaking the rules. Players suffering this type of griefing will be assisted by admins to correct their structures.

Balance Changes

To this end we have implemented the following balance changes. We have some secrets beyond this for you to discover as well!

  1. Military grade equipment (Kevlar, Radiation Suit, 9mm, P250, MP5, M4, Shotgun, and Bolt Action) are only available via NPC drop, crates, and airdrop. They are all extremely rare except the 9MM and P250 which are moderately rare.
  2. All ammo except handmade ammo is only available via NPC drop, crates, and airdrop. Quantities are generally low. Farming NPCs with military ammo will be a significant net loss (Promote bow and handmade weapon usage).
  3. C4/Explosive Charge is learnable via blueprint and craftable - blueprint is moderately rare. Explosives are not craftable/researchable and are only available via NPC drop, crates, and airdrop. Explosives moderately rare - obtaining enough explosives to attempt a raid should be easier than fully gearing in military equipment to encourage low tier raids on higher tier players.
  4. Research kits are extremely rare.
  5. Metal structure pieces, leather armor, and weapon mods are researchable/craftable. This is the only significant blueprint/research based progression and intended to not give dramatic advantages while giving players something to work towards.
  6. Ultra-rare surprises from NPC drops or crates.
  7. Airdrops are rare and require significant population to occur, however they reliably drop advanced equipment to encourage conflict. Nobody will want to ignore an airdrop.
  8. More risk/npcs in the world - gradually we will add more dangerous animals or red animal spawns in locations and densities that makes farming harder. Droprates will be tweaked to maintain balance.

Awesome server so far. :slight_smile:

Thanks Azoulas! We are starting to get up to some decent numbers. Hopefully more of you join in!

Bump for the morning, we had a peak of 16 people last night! Come join us and help us beat that!

Bump- I hope the server keeps growing. :slight_smile:

Thanks Azoulas!

Any time.

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Bump, it seems the server is having an average of 30-35 people on already wow!

Yeah it’s been doing super well - even triggered an airdrop at peak!