[US West] Vis Vires Gaming w/ Rust++, Battle Arenas, Hide n Seek, Frequent Airdrops and more!

Battle Arena

Website [Vis Vires Gaming](http://visvires.net)

Our servers span across many games but we’ve just recently come to Rust!
We’re looking for players to join our community and just have a great time with us

Server Features:
PVP mode enabled
Sleepers ON
Magma enabled w/ Rust++
/destroy Command to fix or home your home at your own will
Frequent airdrops with a set time drop and many events!
Battle arena with events such as Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Rock Battles, and Hide n Seek (INCLUDES PRIZES)
Warp to your friends at the ease of a command!
Home teleportation system so you can venture far out and be home in time for supper
Clan and group chat so you can create private chats with your friends or create Agendas and MOTD’s for raids +Clan Tags
Recycle your items that you might’ve accidentally made or found to retrieve your materials and resources back
Door Sharing system
Always up to date
Active Admins

Join today and help support our community!