[US] WIPE 3/19 | 1/4 Craft | No Dura | Airdrops | PVP

Share | Kits | 1/4 Craft | NoCraft C4 | 1/2 Durability Loss

Visit our website: http://rustytrigger.enjin.com/

Admins Active Almost 24/7!

How to Connect 1. Press F1 2. Copy/paste: net.connect

Join Us In Our Public Teamspeak Server.
Teamspeak IP: Port:10187
Also use this to report hackers, do not post in chat.

Wiped 3/19

Server Features:
-DDOS Protected
-100 slots
-Oxide Mod

  • Death Messages (Shows death messages for players)
    -1/4 Crafting Speed
    -1/2 Durability -Door Share
    -Remover Tool
    -Starter Kit (stone hatchet, Food)
    -No Craft C4
    -Air Drops At 20 Players
    -/vote -/voted To Claim Your Reward -The reward is a 1x1 wooden base and a p250

Let Us Know If You Have Any Questions!

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two. You can use your first thread that i left unlocked when you get unbanned." - postal))

Come get started!

Got started, Very fun server! airdrops at 15 people.

Get on we playin all night its FRIDAY

Great server! If you’re looking for a new server with no BS, definitely try this one out.

Having a great time on the server so far. The admin, Tyler, is very active (on for the majority of the day), there’s a steady stream of players (15-30) on average and still plenty of spots to establish your base. There’s a good mix of friendlies, hostiles, and bandits to keep things interesting. Join up on Rusty Trigger and become part of our community :slight_smile:

well the population picked up so I’ll bump this one more time since its still the weekend, get on and have some fun!