[US][WIPE 3/19][Leaderboards][Airdrops][1/2 Craft][PvP][Active Admins]

**Features : **
Leaderboard that tracks kills, top players, etc.
1/2 Craft.
Airdrops at a minimum of 10 players.
Group of active players that don’t KoS.
Fair admins.

How to connect :

  • Press F1 in Rust
  • Type : net.connect
  • Welcome :slight_smile:

Say “Facepunch” in chat and we’ll start you off with a boosted starter kit!

Background information :
We’re a group of players who got tired of servers filled with hackers and admins that changed daytime, etc, and wanted to just have a nice server to play on.

Bump :slight_smile: