[US] WIPED 3/9/14/Soul Gaming/24/7 Admins/Essentials/Factions/PMs/HIGH pop server

>>>>----------------------------> JUST WIPED 3-9 !!! <--------------------------<<<<

FPSPlayers Exclusive DDOS protected Server! 99.94% Uptime since server launch!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> net.connect <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>----------------------------> JUST WIPED 3-9 !!! <--------------------------<<<<

No friendly fire! Join a faction, and ally with other factions to achieve your raid!

Saved shared doors! No more reset every time you relog! Double Durability on items.

Monthly GIVEAWAYS, including T-shirts, Gaming Headsets, Graphics Cards, RAM, and more!

Free TeamSpeak3 Server for all our players! IP: With 24/7 Admin Support

The Best part is… NO ADMIN BASES, NO ADMIN COMBAT, Admins DON’T PLAY on this server!!!

PvP - Sleepers - Shared Doors - Private Messages - Friends Lists - 1/2 Craft - Free TeamSpeak3

For anyone interested in hosting their own server, I highly recommend FPSPlayers.com. The web interface control panel is immaculate. TeamSpeak3 voice support around the clock… The best part being, the DDOS protection, and 99% uptime.
I can’t express how pleased myself, and my gaming community are with the service and quality here. http://www.fpsplayers.com/billing/aff.php?aff=157

Great server!

fresh wipe, get some!