[US]Wiped3/9|Starter|Sleepers|PVP|.5Craft|Active Admins|Magma

After playing a while on other servers, I have come to the conclusion I don’t like it when admins abuse their powers, servers get wiped without warning, and hackers can go on without being banned. Therefor I have decided I might as well take matters in my own hand and rent a new server. The goal of this new server is to enjoy the game as it should be, with adequate admins watching out.

Server Name: [US]Wiped3/13|Kits|Slpr|PVP|1/2C|1/2D|Admins|Contests|Kill Stat
Server IP:

General Server Information

  • Rust Essentials
  • Sleepers enabled
  • PVP enabled
  • Default passage of time (cycles)
  • Airdrops starting from 30 people or more in-game (Subject to change)
  • Money giveaways
  • Great PVP
  • 14 Day soft wipes, month hard wipe
  • Active admin support
  • No admin abuse


  • No hate speech of any kind to any group or person.

  • No spamming or flooding teamspeak and chat.

  • No playing music over in-game comms unless you are standing in your own house.


Server owner is as chill as they come. Much better than the corrupt/two-faced admins you come across on the daily.

Server is awsome good people here.

Fall damage?


Love this server!!! Great new server no lag!

I approve this message.

i love ever one :slight_smile:

Great server. No money hungry abusive admins that ban unless you donate here. Fun people on there to play with.

Just joined the server today and have had a great time so far. Friendly community, decent population (high was ~30 early today), and a little drama between players to keep things interesting. The admin (Kalel) is a non-player and pays attention to his community/server. The server just wiped so there aren’t any giant skyscrapers so I recommend it mos def!

Hey guys come play server is awsome admin/mods are amazing cant wait to see some new people on.

Another great server, admin is fair

Quick Update!

We reached about 30 players last night! This is fantastic, however, we do need more players! The PVP IS GREAT! The skill level here is outstanding and a great place to call your rust home!

amazing and fun server with friendly people come play.

Had some new faces join the server and would love to have some more join the community :smiley:


come on now clive u know thats not true

omg good setrver

mazing and fun server with friendly people come play.