-- [US] YOUR DAILY CLUTCH [PVP-SLEEPERS] (Wiped 1/7/2014) --

net.connect <-------Open Rust hit F1 then copy & paste this to join easily

Server Details


Starter Kit/Door Share/Rust ++/Half-Craft/Anti-Cheat/
100 Slot
24/7 non abusive admins.
Fresh as of right now.
Do what ever the fuck you want, with the exception of cheating and advertising obviously.
If there is any suspicion of a cheater complain in game chat or just message our steam accounts: Catwithguns, Thumbulten, BloodyBlaze, Turtlewithguns, DeathAngel(Owner)

About Us

We are between the ages 18-23. We felt that cheaters were taking over the game so we decided to host Your Daily Clutch and deal with cheaters as much as we can. As of right now not many server admins have the time to always be banning cheaters. There is 5 of us no-lifers that have plenty of time to deal with cheaters. We aren’t abusive admins, We aren’t Rule Nazi’s just don’t cheat or advertise, Other then that enjoy.

Server Info

Port: 28085


Just paste this into your console when u open the game…


Oh I guess that makes me the old one…

Yea guys feel free to come and join us whenever, We be the best haha hope to see you all in game.

Looking forward to having everyone on the server

I want to see more dicks in this server. YDCYDCYDC


Bump, Lets get people in my server :smiley:

bump, ydcydcydcydcydcydcydcydc YDC


Come join!


Hey guys, I would LOVE to see more members joining in on my server. My goal for my new server is an average of 30 players can you all help me out.
Thanks, Death

New Updaterino!

Woo up to about 10 people now :smiley: cmon guys more the merrier

Free Whoppers™

I love me some whoppers :smiley:


Bump :wink:

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For those of you wondering, I cant change the thread title, but the server is fresh now as of yesterday. We plan on not wiping for a LONG TIME.

When I get my PC upi plan to come join in, is there a VOIP for the server?

Not as of right now but we may add one due to demand.