US1 and US2 Down....Will there still be decay??

My clan and i have a nice base complex on the server. Was just wondering if the servers are down will decay still happen?? we just started playing not long ago and was just wondering what to expect lol. I was thinking since servers are down there wouldnt be but i am not sure after reading a post earlier. Thanks for feedback

Yes decay continues and does no take into account the fact that the servers are down :confused:
Prepare to see skeleton buildings all over!


Awesome!! lol thanks man

not awesome…gon be like my 6th time rebuilding my house…maybe I should just make a small one for now until they fix the server issues…

yea it sucks that i will have to build all over… but owell i still have some fun doing it

I died due to an AMD crash, and I have to say, FUCK THAT.
I’m not doing jack shit until they get their shit together.
I mean, come on. Do you have Tyrone working on this game right now, Garry?

Its not an issue of building decay its just simply put , a Server reset or wipe . Everything will be gone and clean for you to rebuild all over again.

i had to laugh at that. i agree with they need to get their shit together. what gets me mad is they post right away about OTHER ppl screwing their servers up but is mute when something else is going on. that gets me mad. i totally understand it is early alpha and things happen all the time. Fine with that. What they need is PR. Someone to tweet or post updates to what they are doing and what is going on. Hire someone to do that at least. Their buyers and future buyers should be updated to what is going on at a better rate than what is being done now

I’d do it for free if the devs gave me information and updates on whats going on. Would only take 5 minutes out of my day to update everyone.

Insert strikethrough through the incorrect textYou used mute instead of moot.Insert strikethrough through the incorrect text
Sorry to be that guy, but it just really made my scalp tingle.
And I agree with OriginalJesus. I’d do it for free if they gave me information.

lol thanks yes i did haha

Actually, you had it correct the first time.
I am just suffering from a flu and I didn’t catch the whole sentence as a whole until now.

LOL i dont have clue half the time trying to type and play with my 2 year old its hard. hahaha hope u feel better tho!

Thanks m8.
Wish you luck on raising your little boy.(girl?)
I know it’s hard.

girl its funny she loves watching me play zombies. when i play ISS (warz) she ask where zombies go. lol

Consider yourself lucky she hasn’t asked where they come from.
That was a bit hard to explain to my little brother.


“If we took the server offline for a week and put it back on all the buildings would start decaying where they left off.”

Inaccessible due to DDOS != “down”

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Who in their right mind would waste their resources on keeping a ddos up for a few days?

It doesn’t matter: he asked if it being down would affect decay. I’m not even going to get into this though. Keep on trying :slight_smile: