USA: Air Drops: No Dura : Insta Craft: Sleepers: Friendly Admin

How to connect:

  1. Press F1
  2. Copy/Paste: net.connect


  1. Friendly admins,
  2. Active admins,
  3. Airdrops,
  4. PvP all time!!!
  5. Sleepers,
  6. Starter kit are available,
  7. TP available,
  8. Regular C4s and Grenades at all time,
  9. Say bye to Durability,
  10. Admins are always on your sides.

The server is up to date like most server, and we really want to see players come in and try out our server. The admins on the server are not harmful, it is always useful all the time, and help out people who needed, leading them to success.

We hope to see you guys soon on our server!