[USA - Chicago] Fast Pings | 24/7 | PvP | Active Admins(ZERO Abuse) | Server Events | 1/2Craft | Economy | Sleepers

Greetings FacePunch community!

We are esM | Phucket, esM | Tiki, esM | Zezone^ - the Rust server administrators.

We’d like to invite you to come play on our server where you and your friends will be free to play Rust on the same playing field as everyone else with NO admin abuse.

Administrators on this server only act when it’s for the good of the community, we do not play on this server, we do not give hand outs or favors to ANYONE.

We host events, promptly ban cheaters, help players with any game bugs, listen to player feedback and constantly fine tune our server.

Access your Rust game console by pressing F1.
Enter this command: net.connect

Server name: Fastest24/7PvPWiped 1/19/Active Admins/PM/DoorShare/1/2Craft/Sl

-Fast pings and very stable

-24/7 up time

-Server Hosted Events, We have a gladiator arena will people will come to fight to the death and face tough opponents. Hatchet battles, gun battles, everything goes. Winners will receive prizes!

-PvP Enabled, Friends become a precious resource.

-Active Admins, to help players if they get stuck or see any cheating – please report it in chat! It will be investigated immediately! Admin powers shall ONLY be used for the good and health of the server and community. We’re interested in seeing the community grow on its own, without influence, the only exception being server hosted events which everyone will be able to participate in. We have a plugin to message admins in private, find out more about it on our Rust Player Commands page.

Private Messaging, chat with your friends by using /pm “name” “message”

Door Share – share your door with others by long pressing ‘E’, and putting a password lock on it.

Friends – /friends, /addfriend, /unfriend

Economy – Earn money for collecting bounties. With money you’ll be able to buy and sell resources!

Bounty – With your money from economy, you’ll be able to place bounties on other players. If you got the cash, order the hit! Find out more about it here.

Location Coordinates /location – Also on this server you get a link to rustmap.net which shows you exactly where you are on the map so you can share with friends. Official mod plugin page is here.

1/2 Crafting time, because ain’t nobody got time for full crafting time.

Sleepers, Welcome to the matrix.

We also have an official website(Rust-Servers-List.Com) that’s being developed to be a resource for the whole Rust community.

A complete and sorted Rust game items list.

Our players enjoy the Rust player commands page, it’s a handy list of game and mod commands available on our server only.

A tried and tested Rust performance guide if you’re having issues with slow performance on your computer.

Don’t play on our server but manage your own community? See our comprehensive list of Rust server admin commands - RCON & Console.

Looking forward to seeing you in game! Thanks for visiting!!

I am an Admin on this server, we work very hard on keeping our server running to the satisfaction of our players.

We abide by a very strict “NO ABUSE” policy. We only have 3 admins, and none of us play on this server. We in NO way interfere with our players and their decisions. We are simply here to provide a stable, abuse-free environment for our players.

If anyone is interested in playing Rust on a server where you make the rules, and where admins are active, and where hackers stand no chance. Come give us a shot, all you have to lose is a Rock, some bandages, and a torch.

This is an absolute blast of a server to play on. The admins are very fast at responding to hackers/cheaters, and I have yet to see any admin abuse whatsoever. They never interfere with the game, unless it is to remove a misplaced foundation, pillar, etc. Every few days, there are even server battles, usually team deathmatch, where the winning team receives money that can then be used in the modded economy system (buying ore, wood, etc). Even the losing team gets a bit of money for participating! I have already put in over 100 hours into this server, and I have no plans to move any time soon. They regularly backup the server, both off-and-online in case something amiss arises, therefore you can count on the fact that the work you put in will not be deleted!