[USA] Come One, Come All

Official Server Name: [USA] Come One, Come All
Direct Connect IP:
Teamspeak Server IP: neptunium.typefrag.com:5705

Our server was created to appeal to all play styles and kinds of people, we welcome all those looking to have a fun time in a friendly environment, peace loving players, bandits, bandit hunters, mega builders, merchants, and everyone in between are all welcome in our server community. We have mature players who are out to have fun in a competitive environment.

Our server features:

  • 24/7 Up Time
  • Lag free gameplay
  • Mature admins who do not abuse their power
  • An official server Teamspeak
  • Friendly Community
  • Craft time reduced by 25%
  • A relatively new map with plenty of room to build
  • Several clans and groups who are willing to help new players

To directly connect to the server from any other server press ‘F1’ to bring up the console then type in: net.connect

We hope to see you all soon and if you have any questions please post them on this thread or talk to the admins in game. Please understand the admins will not hand out teleports, spawn items, or anything like that. We’re here to keep the server running and prevent cheaters or glitches, nothing more.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

I’m connecting now.

This sever is pretty cool. The admins are pretty active!