{USA Wiped 5/15}CybeR|PvP Server|Aktive Admins [Hourly Airdrops|Store|TP|PVP Arena|Free Pistol to New Players]

Hey Guys I have an awesome new PvP and Community server online today! That server is CybeR! On this server you will be able to spawn in a revolver and 20 9mm ammo for 5 times by using “/kit starter” and their is an arena you can get on!
Mods on server:
Arena plugin
Default Spawntable
Server News Mod
TP plugin
Currency Plugin
Voteing Plugin
Airdrops indicator
And Many more awesome Plugins!

For every player that you get in the server (New players must be on for 15mins) you could get up to 3 Airdrops!
Oh yea their is a dice addon so if you roll 12 then its 3 Airdrops! SO come Check this awesome server out!

Server info:
Use Promo code - 815d
/promo “code here”

Also Go to out Teamspeak and Chat with us!
Address: ts45.gameservers.com:9337

Commit something Great on this post and you will get a onetime use promo Code!

(User was banned for this post ("Make only one thread per server and use that thread" - Megafan))