USarmy SF models

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will be create more that


C:\ProgramFiles\Steam\steamapps\yoursAccount\garry smod\garrysmod\addons\cod4pack\models\cod4\

(you need plususmc,AA3,superfrog SF models)

Required elements

enjoy ~

US army SF models Link


Models editing: zz8140 , ddok1994

p.s im from korea : 3

It still says Force Recon on their shoulders… therefore they are either US Army with the wrong patch or Marines with the wrong camo. You decide.

Much better than what was uploaded before, I will be downloading these.

You are better off grabbing what materials you need and just including them in the pack, nobody is gonna want to have to download 4 packs just to use your models.

Give him a break, he’s Korean.

These units look great but I’m having trouble getting them into Gmod. I have all the required files, and I place the models in the directory stated above, but when I go ingame they just show up as four empty boxes and when you click to spawn them nothing happens. Is there a trick to this?

Cool skin rated it usefull.

Has anyone gotten these ingame? I can get them to spawn but they are invisible :-/ Not sure what I’m doing wrong…

There is a list of required elements.

Yeah, I read through the first post.

I put the SF models in C:\ProgramFiles\Steam\steamapps\yoursAccount\garry smod\garrysmod\addons\cod4pack\models\cod4\SF Models directory. Is that correct? Where does the .vtf file he links go?

Also, I have all the required models, but they are installed separately in my addons folder. Do they need to be installed into the same directory as the SF Models?

I Can’t contect Required elements links Second one…

Sorry 4 bad english

What the fuck Nilchelu.

what’s wrong with this model’s eyes?


Korean Students are very busy

Here is a picture of how I have everything set up and what is happening. Anyone have any ideas?

don’t input the folder
or change the folder name to ‘cod4’

and replace

That fixed it! Thanks for your help, much appreciated!

Very nice. Ill enjoy using this models for… poses… yeah

Can we get pictures of them without all the filters in the picture?

I could use some help, I got them installed correctly but only their helmets are ACU, their cloths are regular cod4 textures and I really want to use these :confused: