USBA Spacebuild Ship Building Contest

The United Spacebuilders Alliance is holding a building contest. Here are the rules:

United Spacebuilders Alliance Ship Build Contest Rules Version 4.0

  1. Your ship must fall into ONE of six categories. Your ship cannot fall into two categories or none. The categories are:
    a. Combat
    i. Fighter – Max 10 Parts
    ii. Frigate – Max 50 Parts
    iii. Carrier – Max 75 Parts
    b. Non-Combat
    i. Shuttle – Max 10 Parts
    ii. Transport/Freighter – Max 50 Parts
    iii. Exploration – Max 75 Parts
  2. Any ship over the max is not eligible and should not be submitted. Please note that Life Support Parts do not count toward your Max Parts.
  3. Your ship should fit the category it is in. Non-Combat ships should not have weapons and Fighters should not have massive amounts of internal space.
  4. Your ship must have Life Support. Blackhole Caches are NOT allowed. The minimum Life Support is storage (battery, Oxy tank, a resource node (any size), and an environmental control for ships capable of carrying multiple people (air exchanger, temperature control). Please do not use an Environmental Regulator unless they are for use on a planet (i.e. A exploritory ship carries one for terraforming). If you do not know how to use Life Support 3, please contact me (Clan Leader Overmind) for assistance.
  5. Your ship may only use parts from the following:
    a. Spacebuild 3
    b. Spacebuild Enhancement Project/Spacebuild Model Pack
    c. Life Support 3
    d. Resource Distribution 3
    e. Resource Transit 3
    f. WireMod
    g. PHX Model Pack
    h. CC:S, HL:S, HLDM:S, HL2, HL2DM, HL2:EP1, HL2:EP2, DoD:S (For assistance on these abbreviations, contact me)
  6. Any entries submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. Don’t bother.
  7. Prizes will be awarded based on:
    a. Function – Does the ship work? Does it fit the category?
    b. Aesthetics – Does it look good? Does it have any distinguishing features?
    c. Life Support – Can it support people? How long does it last?
    d. Construction – Is the building sloppy? Does the ship fall apart (is it welded together)? Are the pieces aligned properly?
    e. Overall Performance – Does the ship fly well? Does it handle well? Does it require something special (skill, equipment) to use?
  8. The prizes are as follows:
    a. Combat
    i. Best Fighter
    ii. Worst Fighter
    iii. Best Frigate
    iv. Worst Frigate
    v. Best Carrier
    vi. Worst Carrier
    vii. Most Powerful
    viii. Most Impressive
    b. Non-Combat
    i. Best Shuttle
    ii. Worst Shuttle
    iii. Best Freighter/Transport
    iv. Worst Freighter/Transport
    v. Best Explorer
    vi. Worst Explorer
    vii. Most Impressive
    c. General
    i. Best in Show
    ii. Worst in Show
    iii. Best Looking Ship
    iv. Most Impressive Ship
  9. Judges are not allowed to submit a ship. If you wish to submit a ship, please save it using the Advanced Duplicator STOOL and then contact me. We will arrange for a way for you to give it to me. You may submit only a picture, but doing so will earn you an instant 0 on all performance-based scoring (Life Support, Overall Performance) and can only get a maximum of 5/10 in function-based scoring. If you wish to be a judge, contact me with a good reason why. Please do not say, “’Cause I are awesome!” or something along those lines.

Please note that these rules are subject to change without notice. Any changes will be posted here. To submit an entry, make a suggestion/comment/concern, make a request to be a judge, etc, please contact me on Steam at SteamID: roblox_many, Alias: Clan Leader Overmind. Good luck and happy building.

Current Judges: Myself (Clan Leader Overmind), Morcam, and kraizer793.

Contest Deadline: July 19th. After this date, we will no longer accept ships.
Server Provider: Lonewolf. A big thanks to him.

Any problems with this post? Message me and I will endevour to fix it.

What if someone builds an orbital shipyard? I know functionality is what matters, not size, but just asking.

What if someone still uses SB2/LS2/RD2 (not talking about myself)?

Finally, someone who CAN tolerate it!

So, no PHX or wire, then?

So can we use wire?

Also, can we have a regulator separate from the ship’s standard life support, if it’s an explorer-type ship? For example, if one were to build a colony ship with a detachable landing platform, could that have a regulator on it?

aww what! i dont like spacebuild 3, i wanna wait til its all fixed, can we not submit Spacebuild 2 ships?

Sb3 latest snv works good,it says sb2 isn’t accepted

well thers no zero gravity with rockets and stuff, other bugs, and i want him to allow Sb 2 stuff

Zero gravity with rockets?Since wen does sb3 have rockets?

LS3 gas-powered rocket boosters, maybe?

Please clarify if WireMod is allowed. I take it you meant structural props are allowed only from those addons, but please specify just to be sure.

You may use gas-powered boosters from gas systems 2, of course. Also, Wiremod is allowed. That is part of the control. Also, I’m going to apply for a judge position, since I’m the admin of this group. It’s a public group, so if you’re interested in joining, go right ahead. Anyone who wants to be active can get officer as well.

EDIT: Also, since I missed a couple questions, there is a size limit (the carriers) for a reason. As according to Overmind, he didn’t have quite that much time to go through massive stations. Also, it helps keep out all the people who used stacker to make a huge cube and called it a station. However, a small station would probaby be fine, but once again, ask overmind, and once again, ships are preferred.

PHX might be okay, but you’ll need to ask overmind.

I believe the separate reg is fine. Creativity is encouraged, after all.

Even if you just want to post a picture to show off, that’s fine. A dupe is much more welcome, though.

Also, the number of bugs in SB3 are very small, and certainly aren’t game crippling in the slightest. It’s faster, it’s prettier, and it’s easier to use. If you don’t like it, bye. It’s pointless to allow older/multiple versions anyways.

If you don’t have SB3, go to the wiki.

Yes yes yes, I am a member of the USBA and am on the SB3/LS3 Development team, so, I endorse all of the above :v:


I am a LEADER of the USBA, so, I have the authority to endorse it:P


Can I has judging too? Since, like morcam, I am an officer too?

Any date wen the ships must be submitted?i have a miner ship that i can modify to a realy good combat frigate.

Sounds fun, joining the contest.

I guess I’ll try this

Question: Can I use the Asgard beaming device from the Stargate pack for my ship?

SB3 easier? i find SB2 much easier!!

maybe you should add a cruiser class, that would make using my ship design easier.

SB3 is cooler. But I think for being easier SB2 wins.

I still prefer SB2 servers: but I agree that SB3 has more realism.