USBA Starship Contest

The last one was a complete failure (mostly because real life called me away). After reading some comments, I’m back and ready to give it another go.

The rules have been greatly simplified since last time. Here they are.

[li]You may only use these addons: PHX, Wire, SBEP, LS3, SB3, and whatever games you may own that are compatible with GMod.
[/li][li]You must use the most recent versions of said addons (use SVN to ensure you’re up to date).
[/li][li]1 submission per person.

That’s it! Simple, yes? There is no size limit, although I do ask that you be reasonable and not make something that fills an entire map.


You will be judged on three things.

Creativity: 1-10 based on how original your design is. Replica Enterprises are NOT original.

Functionality: 1-10 based on how well it works. You get better scores for adding life support, thrusters, elevators (that work!), and other such features.

Realism: 1-10 based on how realistic you are in building. Ships where you walk on the ceiling are not realistic, nor are ones with gaping openings into space (and don’t say invisible forcefields).

The judging will be done by a panel of 4, me plus 3 other judges. Volunteers are appreciated. Judges can submit their own creations, but will not be allowed to judge it (hence why there are 4 judges).


There will be 5 prizes.

Best in Contest: Scores the highest overall.
Most Creative
Most Functional
Most Realistic
Worst in Contest: Judges will pick the worst ship based on score and apparent effort.


Submissions must be saved as Advanced Duplication files and emailed to me by May 22 (that’s 2 weeks from this post). I will email them to the other judges who will then email me back with their scores and choice for Worst.

Please include the following in your submission email.

Ship Name
Username (Both Steam and Facepunch if the two are not the same)
Brief Description of ship

My Email:

I will be sure to enter the contest.