[USC] [Boobs][Fe203][Wiped 02/26][Noob Friendly][Uncraftable C4+Rare Military][Non Abuse Admins]

Hit F1 and type net.connect

We are a group of friends that enjoy the game and after hopping around diff servers and dominating we decided to make our own. The main reason we did this is due to admins having to spawn C4 to beat us. We fully understand how admin abuse can ruin the game, which is why we made one guy pay for server and didn’t give him admin. Fuck that guy. The population is still low so there is plenty of opportunity for anyone to start up and go from zero to hero.

We also know there are plenty of new server up there, which is why we are enticing you, some people may call it bribing, to come to our server with 20 wood planks for all new people that mention this ad. Not enough to put anyone ahead but just enough to get you some walls.

Airdrops at 10 people atm

P.S. I lied about boobs. That was just to get your attention. Come to this server anyway.

P.P.S. we wiped on the 28th. not 26. my bad