[USCentral] Tuna Town! Active Admins|100 Slots|Vanilla|Fresh 2/24|PvP


Are you tired of you’re server resetting every week? Admin abuse? So are we! that’s why we decided to make our own server to fight against things just like that! We’re a group of helpful people, and we will do our best to keep the server hacker free and fun to play in!

Active Admins
100 Slots
Airdrops @ 15 players
Cheatpunch enabled

So come join Tuna Town and have some fun! See you there!

Bump for an awesome server!


Looking for people who want to be part of an awesome community. I don’t plan on wiping the server unless the update requires!
Brand new server
Active & Fair Admins with 0 abuse
Vanilla Rust
100 slots
Airdrops at 15 players along with Random late night surprise Air drops!
Noobs are welcome
KOS is allowed
Mumble Server!
No Hackers
No Harassment
No “griefing” buildings.
To Connect: Hit F1 Type : net.connect And enjoy!
Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TunaTown[1]
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me!
E-mail: tunatown@sodelightful.tv[2]
Steam ID: Delightfulqt

Bump! Update! Our first day and we had almost 40 players! It’s now late night and we have 10 people still online! Great server! (:

Need a day crowd! BUMP!

Server up and running! Come join us!

Bump for more people to see this awesome server! =D

Come join us! Growing community with a lot of regular players!

where is server?