USE Ammo

I know there is a USE weapon thing out now, but I’d like to know if somone could make it so that you would have to press USE to pick up ammo aswell.

I agree, it would be nice if this was made. The useweapon thing he’s referring to is this:

basically it forces players to press USE on a weapon to pick it up, instead of just running over it, so that you can make an armory more effectively.

If an ammo version/modification was made, that’d be incredible.

Hmm from looking at that file I’ll say it can’t be redone the same way. Not with a simple hook like in this script anyway. It uses PlayerCanPickupWeapon and there is no PlayerCanPickupEntity equivalent.

For ammo I would go with creating an ammo entity that has to be used instead of touched to give the player ammo. When spawning it, you would specify an ammo type so that it takes that ammo’s model and dispenses the right kind when used.