use map vote for TTT

I have a map vote addon but for some reason the map vote to show up with TTT, it just uses the map cycle to change maps. Can anyone point me in the right direction to have the map vote work?

open garrysmod/gamemodes/terrortown/gamemode/init.lua
navigate to line 748

[LUA]timer.Simple(15, game.LoadNextMap)[/LUA]

with this:
[LUA]timer.Simple(15, function()
– the function that initiates the mapvote

thats not on that line for me and from looking around would that really work? there is a lot more about map stuff

When that code is run, it changes the map to the next map in the mapcycle.txt file. By editing the line, it will initiate your mapvote and then your mapvote will take it from there.

I have this:

   if switchmap then
      timer.Simple(15, game.LoadNextMap)
   elseif ShouldMapSwitch() then
      LANG.Msg("limit_left", {num = rounds_left,
                              time = math.ceil(time_left / 60),
                              mapname = nextmap})

which mapvote addon are you using?

well that is just in my regular ttt code

i use this mapvote:

The description says that it should integrate with TTT automatically somehow. You’ll have to contact CGNick about how to get it working.