Use more than 128 bones?

I need some help. I’m thinking of porting Excella from RE5 to GMod, but the only model of her is the cutscene one, which has around 180 bones. I know I’ve had to remove a couple from other ports I’ve done, but that’s only like 2 or 3 bones in the hair to get it under 128. I really don’t see how I’d be able to remove 50 bones without re-rigging, which I really don’t want to do because well, I’m terrible at it. Is there some command I can use in the .qc or any other way to bypass this limit?

Out of random curiosity, how the hell does that have over 50 bones let alone 100?

Now as far as i know, I’ve try multiple Compilers, with no luck about that limit. Best you can do is remove the useless one and use whatever most important, and rig your best at it, if needed. Nothing else you can do, i assume that source didn’t had limit with bones, i guess it does.

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Face joint rigged. Lots of them.

If the face has that many bones I think your going to be stuck with re-rigging it.

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Is the 128 limit is on the reference file or the compiled model? Because if it’s on the reference file you might be able to cheat this one with body groups.

:open_mouth: , I hadn’t thought of that! Hope it works!

Models may have more than (unused) 32 bones, but not more than 32 bones in the phy-model.

Just delete the face bones, since those won’t be using at all, when your done.

Even with bodygroup, you still would need to export the skeleton though, and the skeleton one need to be exact with the rest of the compile. Well for anything that’s all rigged and such.

Another good point, but luckily it compiled using 2 references. Just need to convert textures, and I’ll take a look in HLMV.

So you manage to past the limit then? By splitting it into 2 smd then you mean?

yeah, like this

$model “excella.mdl” “head.smd” {
// EYES ---------

// FLEXES ---------


$model “excella.mdl” “ex_ref.smd” {

Only problem is bones in the face have the same name as bones elsewhere in the body mesh, which results in…

So I guess I need to rename all the bones in the face haha

Even then, didn’t you export the head and bodygroup with the same amount of bones?

And ya look like you need to rename them now.

It seems because the bones had the same name, it didn’t count them as extra bones. After I renamed them, it said too many bones. :frowning:

I guess I’ll do your method nexus_elite, and just delete the face bones at the end for the compile.

Oh sorry that it didn’t work out.

Also i prefer Nexus, in the future, in case. Ya just delete them afterward when everything is done. Only wish this wasn’t limited, seeing how we’re limited to Mats and phys usage :frowning:

Re-rig it to use only a couple of bones for the head and do vertex face flexes.

I probably should have explained this better in the first place, but I wasn’t sure if it would work at all. You are going to want to call the smd with the body first. For the skeleton on the body delete all the face bones however leave the headbone (the same one that all the face bones are parented to). Additionally in the head smd file you will need include the entire parent structure from the root bone too the head. (So for a standard HL2 model this would mean (Pelvis, Spine, Spine1, Spine2, Spine3, Neck, Head) However you can delete all the other bones, legs, arms, boobs, etc , It’s just that parent structure that matters. Ideally after your rename each smd had less than 128 bones.

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Thats not true, the first smd you call in the qc will need to have each bone that you want to use in your physmodel. However after that each additional bodygroup smd skeleton only needs to have the common bones to get it to the root bone. So for example since you don’t need fingers on a physmodel, you can call the body and the palms of the hands in your first smd, after that you can have two other smds for with new bones for the fingers (left_hand_fingers, right_hand_fingers) so long as the parent structure remains the same from the hand to the root bone. So in the smd for the right fingers you would not need to include the bones for the left arm, and the bones for the fingers would not be in any other smd.