Use of external tools

Hi all,

I’m administrating a server and I have an incident, there is player who is using a external program that allows him to put a crosshair on his screen. Then he doesn’t have to aim with his guns to make an accurate shoot.

Would be any solution to this kind of programms in the future?


Probably not, I have a dot on some clear plastic in the middle of my screen for epic bow shots :wink:

I think guns should be stupidly inaccurate when shot from the hip anyway.

Even if there was you can’t stop people from putting a bit of tape on their screen to do the same thing…

haha reminds me of when i used to stick a googly-eye in the middle of my screen back when i sniped in DoD. googly eye was all i had :v:

lol, I remember them, did the same thing at the local net cafe :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ve taken electric tape, cut it into 4 small strips and made crosshairs on my screen. there’s no detecting that, so he should be able to use a program that does it.