Use of MicOn Command Help

Alright, so recently it’s come up that the ULX micon command might not be legal. I want facepunch’s thoughts, since none of my staff nor I can figure it out.


If you want to argue the legalities of the “mic on” command you might first want to consult the recent Gmod virus scandal…

Legal - probably
Moral - no
Should you use it - no

Honestly, if used properly I believe it’s not “immoral”, also considering that it’s probably for TTT, but you know regarding the intelligence of the average admin on gmod, and the fact that I’ve been banned for much, much less, I don’t have any hopes that a moral argument will do you any good here.

Yeah, It’s TTT.

Have a terms and condition stating that at any time your mic may be turned on when they join with Accept and Decline, if they decline make it kick them from the server.

As long as players are legally aware (by having aknowledged it with an agree button or similar it is legal). Just make sure you give it to mature staff. It’s not meant for spying or trolling.

Just an idea, but if you do tun this on for a player, maybe move him to another voice channel where only admin can hear him?and let him at least know that it’s a thing on your server when he joins or when i happens. Like a loud sound and some text in the chatbox.

Yeah, I totally agree with this, because it’s super obnoxious to hear someone have their mic down for long periods, especially as it usually picks up them typing/knocking shit around

Someone should craft that. I honestly don’t know what to do with it. There’s nothing that says it’s legal or illegal.