Use of traits in rust, a mechanic giving, flavour, advantage AND disatvantage over time

I have already suggested it once, in the wrong site, as steam community is a mess, and nobody involved in development reads it, so I thought I will also share it here. I did not just registered a few minutes ago just because of that, it just came to my mind first, that there is my idea, which nobody saw a single time yet, so it might get a bit of attention here. :stuck_out_tongue:

In my opinion, there are already a plenty of RPG/levelling games out there, which give advantage to a player forever in form of levelling, no matter if he dies a lot. I think, rust should NOT become one like this, nor it should leave the players completely equal in case of their characters attributes.

I think, that the best idea would be using traits, just like in Crusader Kings 2. The best thing in traits, is that you are no longer just a survivor who only needs food-drink-equipment-houses, these are no longer the only way of getting linearly growing power, you instead concentrate more on your character, a much more feeling, and changing one, which gains traits based on your gameplay, and also gets random ones rarely.

Forexample, you are the typical player, garry would not like you to be (I don’t mean to control your play-style in one direction), one sitting home, safe, stacked up with equipment. You stacked up food, so you eat a lot: congrats, you gained the gluttonous trait, which gives you faster hunger level decrease, and a bigger belly. You are also having the weak trait, as you are moving less, you are tired sooner, and run slower. On the contrary you use guns a lot, so you get the aimer trait (it may randomly get terrible aimer giving flavour), which gives a bit better aim at weapons, and also you get the gunslinger trait, as you are used to manage your guns, so you will reload them faster. These traits are totally dynamic, changing ( butif you wont stop eating a lot while not moving, you won’t ever lose gluttonous) your gameplay will bring new traits, and dissappearing old ones, which may stick for longer/shorter time. Getting a life with continous scavenging, stalking in the wild, would give you a lot of advantage. You can get the fit, very fit trait giving you a lot more durable character which can run kilometres also faster (hi there “faster than player” bots!), and won’t get unconcious by a bullet in his leg. You will get brave by going into dangerous places.

I am telling a lot of traits, as there can be traits about almost anything. Both physical, and mental ones (like ambitious, surviving veteran, trusting), and also gameplay-specific ones. Ones for building, crafting, random former work, culture…

Traits would be limiting no matter how you do them. Rust is about freedom, not about punishing a successful player who managed to survive long enough to eat well!

FP once talked about making the character look fatter or skinnier according to the characters diet,

Maybe these could be temporary buffs like “cold” or “hungry” but positive ones.

For example, you hunt a bunch of animals in succession, you get a “hunter” moodlet that increases your damage against animals for a period of time.

you get a a triple kill, or a double headshot, you should get a “moodlet” or “buff” called “ooh baby a triple”(JK) or “head hunter (Hat Trick?)” that gives you increased speed & dmg for some time, restores health etc.

edit: reading this made me think, you guys should add an adrenaline bar to the food, water and health bars.

so when you get X amount of kills, or escape certain death by taking massive damage you can get an adrenaline rush to get you out of the area quickly, charge the threat or drop dead from a heart attack. :words:

halfhand2012: Punishing? I would not call it punishing, but flavour, challenge, getting the feel of your gameplay style by adding traits. It serves also as an amount of realism, and some may like realism, like I do. My aim with this suggestion (as I already told) is not for controlling players in a direction, it is giving the character some kind of progression while preventing the old and boring levelling up. Where did I take the idea from? Crusader kings 2. It also works there very-very well, (though it is far from survival games, as it is a strategy).

It can be done good enough, so you may enjoy it. It can also become optional, so it does not have to be turned on, just like the plans you can carry on another server. These are just modifiers, and the values can be equal on servers who select off. Also, it may not have to be that radical, there can be radicalness values too. Making trait-system may also help modding.

Karma: yeah, but these are just plain old methods, it would not really give anything to the game IMO, just make it more arcade. In your way it would more be like giving the pros everything and let them just shoot naked buff-less newbies.

There can be a lot of values added to the game BTW. Adrenaline is a pretty good idea, also I would take in fear from firefight, like in red orchestra 2. Your hands would start shaking, your eyes would see worser, and grey-er, it may end up in a shock, preventing you to move (which may be prevented with the trait “brave” or “fire-fight veteran” :D). I think that making people suffer in the desert and the snowy places, would be a thing to consider. So it wont just be a minecraft-like design-element with a minimal amount of modifiers and that you can’t swim in the water.

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