Use one paypal fir two users

My friend and I wanted to play the game.
And we dont have paypal accounts so we’ll use his reletive paypal. My question is : can we open two users with the same paypal account ? There wont be any problem right ?

hmmm do u mean can u buy 2 accounts with one paypal if so im sure u can i got mine and pay for my lil cuzs so :slight_smile:

Yeah, but that would be like buying 2 games.

To create an account, you need a key, then that key is used to link it to your personal email when registering
You can buy 2 keys with the same paypal account.

Well, yes and no. You can’t buy one account and both play it but all you need to do is buy 2 keys. You can’t buy them both at once though, there is no way to change the quantity, so you’ll have to hit up the auction twice. So it would have to be two separate transactions.

Wait…you have a friend :open_mouth: why don’t you play outside?

I used my paypal to buy a key for me and a friend. I’m wondering though, when they send out the steam beta keys, will they see my paypal email as a single account and only send me one key, or send me two keys since I used it to buy two alpha keys?

He hasn’t said exactly how they’re going to give us the steam keys, but I know a few people who bought multiple keys so I’m sure they will send out one steam key for every active account. And I’m also guessing they will go off our rust accounts, not the paypal accounts.

It’s tied to your personal email when you register using the key that’s linked to your paypal.

Thank you all. I’ve just joined the forum and got tons of support(comparing to other forums).