Use Property


A few weeks ago I was trying to figure out a new way of using things without having to walk all the way up to them, or even leave my vehicle to activate/“use” them. So I created an addon that adds the “Use” ability to the properties menu. I mainly got the idea from driving around in carconstruct and got tired of leaving my vehicle to open a door or use the elevator to come back to someone else driving my vehicle.

Even though it may be simple, I have found it really useful and so have many of my friends. So this has lead me to advertise its release here. Have fun with it!

It allows you to:
Use things from a distance
Use things while in a vehicle
Swap seats in a vehicle (as long as those seats are separate vehicles themselves)

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I accidently labelled this a a module, it was supposed to be an addon. I tried editing it but it doesn’t seem to want to change.

Great idea! I’ll be using this on my DarkRP server!

It wasn’t intentionally built for DarkRP, but I am curious what it’s uses are in it?