Use the right gpu

I cant run Rust on Nvidia gpu at all. My laptop has 2 gpu’s. My fps was as low as 16 . I tried everything in the end after changing the power settings on my integrated gpu i actually manged to get it up to 36 but i still cant
make rust run on the nvidia gpu Help me.

I read on internet everybody with 2 gpu has this issues.

i dont have that issue you just dont know how to fix it proberly

its pretty simple go to the Nvidia Control Panel and go to 3D-Settings…

you can either change the Global settings to use the Nvidia GPU always or you can add Rust under the program settings and force it to use the Nvidia GPU, if you still cant after doing this send me your Skype and ill try fix it over Teamviewer for you

so when you press f1 menu u see the right gpu? do u have a laptop aswell?

Disable integrated gpu in device manager.

Restart your computer. While the computer is running the POST (Power-On, Self-Test) look for a message indicating a key to press to access the “Setup” or “BIOS.” On most computers, the key to access the BIOS will either be “ESC,” “F1,” “F2,” “F10” or “DEL.”

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate your BIOS and use any instructions to change values. Find the menu item that closely matches “Integrated Peripherals” or “On-Board Devices.” The setting to disable the on-board graphics card may also be under the “Advanced” option. Highlight the appropriate menu item and press “Enter.”

Highlight the option that controls the on-board graphics card and press “Enter,” then press the appropriate key to select “Disable.” If your option allows you to enable an external video card, set that option to “Yes” or “Enable.” If your options for the video card are “PCI-Express” or “Integrated,” choose the type of slot in which you have installed your new video card. Press “Enter.”

Press “Esc” until you have backed out of all menus and are at the main BIOS screen. Select the option or press the appropriate function key to “Save and Exit.” Press “Enter” to confirm. Then computer will reboot.