[USEast]-1/2Craft/PvP/Sl (Attention) Those seeking a new, fair server, and other server owners!!

Server: [USEast]1/2Craft/PvP/Sl
Server Info: net.connet
Location: Atlanta, GA (East Coast)
Direct Connect: Simply press F1 at the main menu and copy paste the server info into the console to join directly.

Hello everyone viewing the thread, getting right to the point. There are many, many servers going up right now and I’d like to try and consolidate some playerbases and hopefully bring forth a better server for everyone.

New Players or Players that are Unhappy with Current Server Admins / Server
Drop by my server mentioned above for fair, non-abusive admins and fair play for everyone. There’s no special privileges, no favors for buddies, and best of all killing the admin is encouraged! (I’ll have to become a creature of the hills and hide while snacking on my bear chicken hiding from everyone after this comment). Anyways, the server will have been up for an entire day in thirty minutes and we’ve already accumulated a community of 18-20 people who are actively engaged on the server and setting up their respective or collective structure. It’s still not too late to join and lay claim to that pristine landscape and safely raise your defenses however.

My Fellow Server Owners
I realize that many of you have started servers in the response of a gross injustice or abuse at the hands of current admins. If you’d like I would enjoy working together to possibly merge our collective communities for the greater good or providing an even more excellent Rust experience. If you’re interested in speaking further along these topic lines please add me on steam and message me @ Roughrafter.

As always, I look forward to seeing new faces join my server and embark on a truly thrilling Rust adventure. Bandits, Highwaymen, and Heroes are all welcome. The server is PvP and aside from griefing it’s a survival of the fittest. Can you thrive alone or will you join forces and conquer the wasteland as far as the screen can render?

Server Status
12/22 - Currently the population is noob friendly and provides a learning experience to the new Rust players. We have several helpful players in the community willing to lend some aid in getting started. Factions are forming and building up different bases and making new friends.

There is currently a mumble server that will be expanded as the demand increases.
A website will be developed once the community reaches 30+ active players.

Mumble Information

Bump xD

Still looking for more players to join, we have friendly players willing to help new players move in. Everyone’s welcome in this community!

Friendly bump for the admin. Wonderful server to play on, love the majority of the community!

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Thank you. New players that are looking for a server should come join us! I will be doing a community poll to check and see if they want the server wiped around new years. Come make some friends on the community, form a group and get ready! The server is growing more every day and I enjoy seeing everyone playing!

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Those interested in joining the server please note that the server may be wiped soon due to community request. Everyone should hop on an form some alliances and cast your vote for the restart. Get ready for a clean environment. The community will be polled after new years due to the upcoming holiday and the server may be wiped on the 1st.