[USEast/Door Share/Rust++] Angry Panda Club PvP/Sleep


Bump, we had our first air drop last night and reached 26 players – got a few new regulars too.

We hope you join! – We may be planning monthly server wipes, but in the near future – still deciding on where we want to take this server.

please love me

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We want you… to join!

Bump! It’s early in the morning at our server location, we’d like some new players - now’d be the best time to join while everyone is sleeping or at work! :slight_smile:

If you have feelings at all, maybe even possibly love me… you’ll join :dance:


Just updated to the latest version of rust++

Got a lot of players last night, but we still need some morning players! Or just any regulars – feel free to come :slight_smile:


bump i love u

need some morning players, come and join!

Please join!

i kno that u kno that u want 2 join

yo it’s the AM, come through early dawgs

come play!

can’t seem to keep people, new people come and stay, old people leave

makes no sense - come join and bring some friends

come through!!

bump, any super late nighters??

need morning players

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server updated

60 people on

Mods broken until an update is pushed for them though

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70 people