USEast Noob Friendly/1/2Craft/PvP

This is a new server that has one admin which is me and I am active. The server is under community and is half craft which is the only difference from official servers. I want no toxicity in my server and there will be no admin abuse. I am a player before an admin. I will help whenever needed if I am on which I will be most of the time. Please come check it out and if you like it spread the word!

TL:DR New Server. It’s fun and no Admin Abuse.

US Noob Friendly/1/2Craft/PvP 150 slots



I’m glad to see I had a bunch of people on my server today! I apologize for this lag that all of the servers are going through. I am trying to keep the server up and running enough for people to play on. If you were on the server thanks again, and keep coming back I restarted it (not wiped) to try to get rid of some of the lag. It seems to have helped slightly.

How is it that your server is running and others are not ?