[USEAST][OXIDE]PVP,Sleepers, Economy, 1/2 Craft, Rare C4 and military weapons, Kits: WIPED 2/2

Looking for a new home? We have active admins who do not abuse their abilities, we play just like you do.
We have installed the following mods for your enjoyment:

Basic Economy: Buy and sell materials and items, cash drops from aggressive NPCs and from player kills

Chat History

Starter kits: 5 uses of full cloth armor, stone axe, a wood shelter, and food to keep you from starving to death your first night.

Groups: Set up your own chat groups with your friends

Door sharing: /share & /unshare or use the built in code system

Custom Loot lists: Military grade weapons are rare and valuable. Bolt Action Rifle, M4 and C4 only from air drops, uncraftable: P250, Shotgun, & MP5A4 and all ammo purchasable in game. 9mm and handmade shells drop in boxes and from zombies. NO reasearch kits.

Owner Remove: Never again misplace a pillar and destroy your build. Never be griefed by someone raiding your home again. Two hits from a pickaxe will remove any parts of a building placed on YOUR foundation, even if YOU didn’t place them!

Private messaging: For when you just don’t feel like forming a group.

Join us!
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Really nice server!! Admins are awesome and Economy is balanced for once!