Used music on own map can have accordingly of copyright in the future ?

I am making big map for gmod with around 50 music, anyone thinks that was causing problem of copyright in the future ?

Probably not causing a problem, yet. Will it cause a problem? No one will likely notice this. Does this mean you should? No.

But since .wav/.mp3 in source is so degraded you’re not going to get good results out of the music.

Also why would you bloat out a map with 50 tracks? Is this going to a mapsucial?

50 music is a lot, you might want to try to cut it down to 20 or 15 music instead.

43 music exactly, I know that this map will be playing lot of times for many years i made a system random music with logic_case for not hear always the same music at the same time

I hope they are mp3 and not wav, else your file size will go over 1 gb :wink:

But even with mp3, at 44100 hz and 64 kbps, there will be maybe 100 mb of music.
What is the actual size ?

Unless he would use Microsoft ADPCM compression for the wave files, then it would not get that huge.

Yes i use MP3 with 128 Kbits/s so I have around 80 mb of music

In the chance that anyone who plays Gmod, and makes videos for YouTube wants to use your map it could get them a copyright claim. Usually the worst that happens with that is they won’t be able to make any money from that video.