Useful editing stuff/textures


I got you people some stuff from Enemy Front,such as explosions, smoke, blood,dirt, bullet holes, rain, snow, lightning, impacts effects and so on.
Here is a V1 of the pack, there’s still a lot more to add, I’ll keep it updated so stay tuned. :


Sweet, these’ll come in handy!

Thank you, been needing something like this!.

Any samples for what they may look like? I’d like to get an idea of what I’m potentially downloading first, usually.

Is a collection of .png of many different things to toy with in Photoshop. It’s got some pretty interesting stuff, like muzzeflashes, water drop overlay and an old binocular overlay.

anychance you could make them into materials for the material stool. So that you could put them on objects to get the explosion into the scene.

Unless you have a flat one sided plane object ingame, I can’t imagine that being very useful.

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Unless I remember the properties of the material tool wrong.

That kind of stuff :[/t]

Woah, you could even turn those into Gifs and combine them with gmod gifs!

thanks for the awesome textures. :smile: