Useful Transport props.

Roads, signs, barriers, etc

I’m aware PHX has a few of these, but oh my fucking god they are a NIGHTMARE.


  1. Slippery road.
  2. It’s VERY narrow.
  3. Turns are way too tight for any normal car.

Road texture could look something like this:

What would be nice:

  1. Not to be a slippery mother fucking piece of shit, as in: big vehicles that are as big as the Phantom from GTA4 not to wobble as if it’s the end-of-the-world-earthquake-style.
  2. Different types of roads; one-lanes, T sections, two-lanes, two-laned T sections, short, medium, wide, huge curves, cross-section, etc
  3. Ramps. At least ramps good enough so the GTA4 Stretch can make it up and down shit without getting stuck as per usual.

These roads were requested so when ramps on maps like Freespace06 were too steep we could use these by just placing them on the floor and we’d have ourselves some roads. Also for props that would have cars going over them generally.

(No, using PHX props isn’t as good. If anything they’re worse for cars. No matter how you phys-prop them, they will ALWAYS wobble the shit out of big things)