User Friendly Model Making Application?

So basically I’m a complete noob when it comes to doing any programing or making things or whatever. is there any sort of program i could use to make models for garry’s mod and tf2 and stuff, that doesn’t require knowing anything?

kinda like a level editor idea, just instead of creating maps, it’s creating models.

Nope, Just Studio compiler and some knowledge about how to set up compiling with QC.

ah well, thanks

Milkshape is probably the simplest and cheapest application to make models, but it’s not too powerful.

Milkshape is just as great, just very confusing to move around in the view, for me anyways. But should do just the same with other modeling programs.

thanks guys… also, is there anything for mac?

I could never figure out how the texturing utility worked.

Wings 3D is a good application for Mac. I use it, too.

Milkshape. It Has alot more model import options and i alot easier to understand, Unlike Xsi Which only import Wavefront .obj models and a small amount ofthers that i’ve never heard of…

Though sadly i was only able to try the demo.

I think Blender is available for Mac OS. If it is, it is a very nice application I find. Exporting models to Source can be a bit odd at times, but for the most part is works wonders, it take a little while to learn fully, but it is simple enough. One workspace, simple controls, almost anything can be done with keyboard shortcuts.

Not a model making program, but it’s for exporting too source games from 3DS Max.!?p=27813732#post27813732

Haven’t tried it myself though.

thanks everyone, i’ll try these out!