User Messages causing lag at high amounts of players


At about 35 players my server starts lagging and the net graph says this,

Any help with either decreasing this or actually someone to teach me how to deal with things like this would be extremely helpful.

Thanks in advance,

Why are you asuming someone would spend his time for free teaching you stuff?
Just stop using badly written addons or if some are written by you - learn how to write them efficiently.

On a side note - who still uses usermessages?

Neth I really don’t want to have an argument with you,
partially because I’m already skating on thin ice with scriptfodder and I know and you are a mod there and the other part is that I really don’t want to argue with anyone at all.

On a side note - I asked for help not to get flamed?

A bit out of line.
Just check how many usermessages you Are sending and how much data. That would be where I would start. After that a bit of profiling to see if it’s just an individual one causing trouble.

There are 3 or 4 addons on my server with usermessages and 1 of them wouldnt be the one spamming and the other 2 look like they arent spamming either.

I was gonna post something extensive, but I’d rather not make this more complicated than it really is.
First of all - what you do outside ScriptFodder is your own business and I don’t give a crap, as long as it’s not leaking et cetera, et cetera.

With that being said, I simply got annoyed that you didn’t read rules - we have plenty of megathreads designed specially for this kind of questions and issues.

Rate me dumb as much as you want - but this section used to be strictly for developers, so people in process of learning lua can improve/find a solution to their issue.
I don’t remember this section being for darkrp server owners who tend to install everything they can get their hands on and then expect other people to fix it for them, without providing any data other than ‘it’s happening, here’s screenshot, as a proof of it happening’

Now, since I sound like a douche - I know there are plenty of kind souls who will help you regardless, so atleast provide more data so they actually have something to work with.
-You can make a list of addons you are using, maybe some of devs are familiar with one of them and might know the cause.
-You can post your settings file, maybe you got allowcslua enabled and someone is spamming usermessages to lag your server out.
-You can post these bits of code where you find usermessages being sent (since receival doesn’t really matter at this point, the frequency of them being sent is more important)

log			on

sv_password		""
sv_region		255
sv_lan			0
sv_logbans		0
sv_logecho		0
sv_logfile		1 
sv_log_onefile		0
sv_noclipspeed		5
sv_noclipaccelerate	5

sbox_allownpcs		0
sbox_godmode		0
sbox_plpldamage		0
sbox_playergod		0
sbox_noclip		0

sbox_maxprops		100
sbox_maxragdolls	0
sbox_maxnpcs		0
sbox_maxballoons	0
sbox_maxeffects		0
sbox_maxdynamite	0
sbox_maxlamps		0
sbox_maxthrusters	0
sbox_maxwheels		0
sbox_maxhoverballs	0
sbox_maxvehicles	0
sbox_maxbuttons		10
sbox_maxsents		0
sbox_maxemitters	0
sbox_maxspawners	0
sbox_maxturrets		0

net_maxfilesize		30

sv_minrate 60000 
sv_maxrate 120000 
sv_mincmdrate 33 
sv_maxcmdrate 34 
sv_minupdaterate 33 
sv_maxupdaterate 34

M9KWeaponStrip 0
sv_allowcslua           0
sv_kickerrornum         0
hatshook_hookplayers 0

// execute ban files
exec banned_ip.cfg 
exec banned_user.cfg 

This is my server.cfg

My server is 33 tick

One of the addons I use that I notice uses a load of user messages is cake anti cheat. I’m not sure if it does spam user messages but I’m sure that you being a mod on scriptfodder would know if it does.

We don’t test scripts in-game, especially with 35+ players - and I doubt Cake would make a mistake like that.

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Also, it’s easy to check - uninstall Cake and see how it goes.

You need a real monster of a tower to support more than 30-ish players on darkrp without lag (at least in australia, american servers tend to have much better connections)
you aren’t gonna get away with that kind of player count on a standard gameserver host, you’d need to rent your own server tower with a high end connection

Yer I understand that legendofrobbo but I really don’t have the money for that so until I do I’m going to find as many ways around it as possible

p.s. On the host I had about 6 months ago I could get to 50 or even 60 players and the server would just start lagging(They have since shut down)

Keep in mind that source was not built for such amount of players in a sandbox based environment no matter how big your “tower” is it will not change anything on that.

Due the lack of multithreading in source you can’t really do anything about it.

EDIT: Well if you manage to find a CPU that has 10GHz on a single core it might get better but good luck finding such thing.