User not found, or wrong password?

Hey, I made a rust account about 2 and a half months ago, before you needed a legit beta key. I played for awhile, and then quit, until today. When I tried to log in, It told me my user was not found or my password was wrong. I know i’m using the correct information, but it’s not letting me on at all. Was there a wipe or something? If so, how do I get my account back without buying?

My IGN was/is Cyahnidde.

This happened to 3 of my friends too, their IGNS were:

A removal of a large amount of inactive accounts (not used for more than 1 month) ocurred approximately a month ago. it is an alpha test and needs testers, not players. Your problem for not playing.

If you went a month+ without playing your account was deleted

that is very harsh, im sure garry or one of his friends would be nice enough to sort you out

Harsh? Not to be a dick, but he signed up for a game that needed testers, got it for free etc. without making any contributions to the game whatsoever. Seeing that people have paid over a hundred dollars for it, and he got it for free, I think he did deserve an account removal. Also, I have a feeling that Garry or his friends won’t sort him out.

um, who are you to say he made no contributions?

Some of you may be mad at me for this (as many were back then), but I did make the /r/playrust subreddit. (sorry, even i gave up on it).

Thousands of users got their accounts deleted and I don’t think anybody will help you :confused:
Look at the website that says ‘‘There are 4,624 users.’’ it was more than 12000 before.

Oh well, disappointing, but i guess if it happened to all those other people, I can get over it too. Thanks for the info.